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Sealed Virtual Home Audit

Sealed Virtual Home Audit

Sealed Virtual Home Audit image 11920226115
Sealed Virtual Home Audit image 167805452302
Sealed Virtual Home Audit
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The HomeAdvance Energy Audit

If your house is drafty in the winter and stuffy in the summer, that’s a sign you’re wasting energy—and money. A HomeAdvance Energy Audit will show you how to upgrade and weatherize your home, making it greener, safer, and more comfortable all year round.

You may even qualify for a HomeAdvance Comfort Package that pre-pays for certain upgrades!

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Virtual Home Profile

During a 15-30 minute phone call, a Home Energy Pro will create a virtual profile of your house to model your energy use.

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At-Home Inspection

Based on your virtual profile, your Home Energy Pro will go over your entire home—inside and out.  Identifying the sources of your problems, which likely include air leakage, insufficient attic and crawlspace insulation levels, and inefficient equipment.

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Improvement Plan

Your Home Energy Pro will create a personalized home improvement plan, including smart upgrades like air sealing, insulation and lighting. If you qualify, HomeAdvance will pre-pay for some or all of the upgrades!


Why get an audit?

A HomeAdvance Energy Audit will show you where your house is wasting energy and how to make it safer, greener, and more comfortable. And for qualified customers, HomeAdvance takes all the financial risk out of upgrading and weatherizing your home because you only pay for the work if it reduces your energy bills. Your monthly bills stay the same while you enjoy all the benefits:

Be Safer and more comfortable.

Insulation, air sealing, and furnace upgrades keep you comfortable all year round.

Breathe cleaner air.

Proper ventilation removes moisture, dust, and other allergens from your home.

Unlock the full value of your home.

Tell prospective buyers your home has been fully upgraded with smart technology.

Go green.

Using less energy isn’t just good for you—it’s good for everyone!

Who is HomeAdvance

HomeAdvance is a partnership between Sealed and the New York Green Bank. Sealed is a company based in New York that helps homeowners affordably improve the comfort, health, safety and value of their home via energy efficiency upgrades. The New York Green Bank is an agency created by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo that invests in clean energy projects in New York that create jobs and help the environment.

Most people spend too much money on heating and cooling—and their homes still aren’t that comfortable! HomeAdvance takes a whole-home approach to solving those problems. They invest in smart upgrades like insulation and air sealing that are proven to reduce energy waste and improve comfort at the same time.

What’s more: When you work with HomeAdvance, you’re working with local businesses and creating “green jobs” in your neighborhood. A more comfortable home for you. Good jobs for your neighbors. A healthier, cleaner world for everyone.

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HomeAdvance Comfort Package

If you qualify, HomeAdvance will pre-pay to upgrade and weatherize your home. We take all the risk out of doing the work, because you only pay if the upgrades reduce your energy bills. The Comfort Package from HomeAdvance includes:

  • Attic insulation.
  • Basement insulation around foundation (unfinished walls only).
  • Air sealing in the attic, around windows, doors, and other weak points.
  • LED light bulbs.

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