Thermostat Install & A/C Tune-up by C.R. Wolfe

Thermostat Install & A/C Tune-up by C.R. Wolfe

Thermostat Install & A/C Tune-up by C.R. Wolfe
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Truly optimize the performance of your HVAC system with the thermostat installation and central A/C tune-up by the professionals at C.R. Wolfe. Their certified professionals will complete a thorough A/C tune-up to help reduce the risk of mechanical failures and ensure your unit is running at peak efficiency. Speaking of efficiency - they will then install and setup your new thermostat and check it for proper functionality so that you get the most out of your system every day while using less energy and saving money. Checkout with this offer in your cart and a trusted member of C.R. Wolfe will contact you to schedule your appointment. 


What's Included

  • A/C tune-up for a  one-unit central A/C unit installed in a single-family home.
  • Comprehensive check of condenser, system wiring, air handler, and evaporation systems. 
  • Replacement of customer-supplied air filter OR clean washable filter(s) as needed. 
  • Must have a working water hose within 25 feet of unit.
  • Installation of one customer-supplied thermostat at existing location. 
  • Check operation of existing thermostat.
  • Removal of existing thermostat.
  • Check wiring connections to ensure thermostat is compatible with your system.

    Not Included

    • Installation of additional wiring.
    • Additional repairs to HVAC system.
    • This offer does not include the thermostat.
    • Extensive cleaning or additional repairs will be subject to an additional cost (quoted by your service professional on an as-needed basis). 
    • A/C unit must be operational upon arrival, this service does not include A/C repairs or diagnostic work.
    • Valid for central A/C units only; this offer is not valid for window, thru-wall, or mini-split units. 


    About C.R. Wolfe 

    Serving our customers since 1945

    C.R. Wolfe is a business built on quality workmanship and customer service. It's about respect and honesty and pride in the job that we do for each and every customer. It's about delivering the best solution for the customers cooling and heating needs. 

    While the equipment we install has changed a great deal over the years, our company has remained true to it's original purpose - providing total indoor comfort to our customers year round. We specialize in residential and commercial installations and service. We handle all aspects of HVAC work from layout and design of systems, to their installation. We do it all from central air conditioning and heating, to boilers, furnaces, radiation, systems, oil to gas conversions, zoning systems, humidifiers, air filtration, and ventilation. 

    Long before one of our employees arrive at your home or business, they undergo an extensive training process, learning not only the technical and physical aspects of heating and air conditioning, but learning to take pride in their work and always complete the work like they were working in their own home. This has been critical to the success of our company. It's about going above and beyond the customer & their expectations. When we leave a job site, it's usually cleaner than when we arrived, and when a customer calls with a question that we can't answer over the phone, we get in our truck and go there to take a look. That's how we built our business. We hope we've built the type of company that you will want to do business with.